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File size: 3mb
Approx. download time 10-15 minutes with 28.8k modem.


Minimum System Requirements

  • 4.4 kb or faster modem.

  • A 32-bit operating system (windows 95,98 or NT)

  • A 386/66 or Pentium processor

  • 4 meg of ram

  • 30 meg of free hard drive space

  • High color 16 bit video card

Installation Guide

After you fill out the form online you will immediately be sent an e-mail that includes a link.  Click the link and you will be directed to a  page where you can download the demo for Esti-mate.   Click the Esti-Mate Demo button to begin your download.

  • A dialog box will open and ask you where you would like to save the file on your hard drive.  Choose a location that you know and remember and click OK.  Choose Desktop from the drop down menu if you are unsure where to save the file and click OK. 

  • Once you complete the download, go to the file location
    and double click the winest.exe icon

  • You will then need to click unzip in the next dialog box, but first make sure Overwrite Files Without Prompting and When Done Unzipping Run:  setup.exe are BOTH checked like you see in the graphic below.

Winzip will prompt you when the files are unzipped.
Simply click ok and the program will install itself onto your computer.

  • During Installation you will be prompted several times.
    Click Ok on the initial Welcome Screen.


  • You will then need to choose a directory to install to if you do not wish for the program to be installed to the default directory.  Otherwise you will need to click the computer icon to begin installation.

  • You will then be prompted again with a message that the Esti-Mate Installation was completed successfully.  Click OK.  The Installation wizard will close and you can now enjoy using Esti-Mate.

Run the program by choosing Start > Programs > Esti-Mate.



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